Friday, June 29, 2007

What? I'm PG?

Wow, I just tested my blog for its “rating” at this Ratings Place.
Apparently, I am listed as PG [ Pretty Gnarly?] and get this, this judgment is based on the criteria that somewhere in my 1,045 blogs, I used the word “Death” two times, and “Crack” one time.
Ummm…. in my opinion, that is quite tame, am I right?

Like, didn’t I use the word “bitch” just yesterday in my Splash du Jour? And the radar chose to pick up on the seemingly banal “death” and “crack” words? Hmmm…. who is running this ratings place…. the ghost of Jerry Falwell?
I thought I was pretty prime time!
Maybe the PG stands for “Positively Grandmotherly”?



Merisi said...

I am crack up here, laughing (oopsie daisy! Sorry for my indiscriminate use of incriminating vocabulary. Come to think of it, in the movie business, you need to throw in a couple of "naughty words" - (hint: sixth letter of the alphabet, i.e. wanna play if safe, wouldn't want to risk you being taken off the air by the FCC) - that way they give you a PG13 rating, which in turn gives you a higher rating.
PG greetings from Vienna!

Dorothy W. said...

I was PG-13, and mostly because of words like "death" and "murder." Now I'm wondering how this rating thing works ...

Isabella said...

I finally tried the thing out, and I'm quite offended that I'm just plain G. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed anything G.

piksea said...

I was feeling like writing dirty just because I got a PG-13, but after reading about all the other G and PG peeps, I'm feeling like a rebel girl.