Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

To everyone, Canadian or not!
In just a matter of minutes this very scene will take place. The Snowbirds will be flying right past my apartment.
I missed it because I was writing this blog about it happening.
No, just kidding.
I saw them.


Rant and Roar said...

Hey Cip!

Happy C-day to you too! I presume there's no enting tonight as grumpy and coldmo are out of town. BTW, I joined the world of Facebook a few weeks ago and I think you're a natural for it, really. You seem to have a million friends on line and it is a great way to promote your blog. Check it out, I will be your friend.

Merisi said...

Happy Canada Day!
One of my children is born on July 1st, isn't that a great tribute to your country? *smile*

Sam Houston said...

Happy Canada Day, Cip...and all my other Canadian friends.

Eileen said...

Happy,Happy Canada Day to you and all my other Canadian friends. Glad you did not really miss them flying by! Love your blog!

merisi said...

Are you partying through to your neighbour's Fourth of July?
Hope you are fine,