Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

. . . everybody is involved in fiction. People turn themselves into characters in their own dramas and they turn other people into characters in their own drama, so they fictionalize other people constantly. They project onto other people roles that they carry around in their heads, probably left over from their childhoods and families, and they see other people in their lives as those roles. Often quite unjustly. By studying real fiction, they might gain an insight into how they themselves are fictionalizing and into what is really fiction, that is, what they've made up about other people and what is really there.
-- Margaret Atwood --

Have a great Tuesday!


Beth said...

Wonderful "Splash du Jour."
Atwood is amazing.

stefanie said...

Ah Margaret, how I love her.

SFP said...

GREAT quote.

cipriano said...

Isn't she an absolute gem?
I absolutely love her. Have I ever told you all that I met her several times? Have I? Have I? Have I?
I once asked her to sign my Starbucks receipt so that I could send it to my bestest friend.... and she did! SHE DID IT!