Friday, October 05, 2007

My Struggle With A.H.A.

← [Me and my addiction. Hamburger!]

I haven’t been around much lately.
Well, actually, it is more accurate to say that my computer/desk workstation area has been in a state of non-existence, and hence, it has been really uncomfortable to be online, and nearly impossible to do any quality blogging.
All of the units here on the top floor of my apartment building have had to be fitted with some sort of water valves in the ceiling, and [Murphy’s Law] it just so happens that the place where the work needed to be done is directly above my computer universe!
So, I’ve been dislocated for about a week now, having to do any computer work on a rickety cardboard box I have set up. And it is still in this state, until next week sometime.

Aside from this, I am going home to visit my mother. In a matter of hours, I’ll be flying back to Saskatchewan. So I probably will not be around for a while, in Bookpuddle-land.
She is not currently in the hospital but she is not at all well. Her visits for full-scale blood transfusions are becoming more and more frequent, and that is not a good sign of…. well, it’s just not good at all.
So I really want to have a great visit with my mom and do a lot of talking with her, over the Thanksgiving weekend.
She is clear across the country, and it is frustrating sometimes to be this far away from her and the rest of my family, when she is so ill.
So, I just thought I would let you all know that I may not be around much, probably until the end of next week.
And now, just a word or two about my own health problem.

My struggle with A.H.A.
← [Advanced Hamburger Addiction]

See, in the first picture, at the top of this blog, I am in a state of relative equilibrium.
I am focused.
I have only one thought. BURGER!
I am at peace. Content. One with the cosmos.
But, in this second picture, you can see that there is trouble in paradise.
Someone, in this case a brave and undaunted photographer named Corinna, has encroached upon The B.E.P. [Burger-Eating Perimeter].
Gotten a bit close there.
She did not even have the sense to approach downwind. You can see that I am alert and ready to snap. Ready to pounce.
My left eye is locked onto the situation.
Things could have gotten out of control but the photographer did the right thing. Hearing the low-pitched growl, she slowly backed away. Backed…. away.
And then ran like hell.



patricia said...

Never interfere with a man and his burger! She did the right thing, backing away. But she should have got some back-up, and snatched that cholesterol monster from your gastronomic clutches. Seriously, cut down on those things. You need to be healthy if you want to go back to school. Riiiiiight? ;)

I'm very sorry to hear about the state of you mom's health. I wish her the very best. And please have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving with your family.

And don't eat any more burgers!!

Lots of love from me.

cipriano said...

Thank you for your wishes regarding ma!
As for me... it's too late.
I need an intervention, but really, it's too late.
Doctor says I have very rare blood.
98% Grease.

Beth said...

You look like a dog with a delicious bone in that second picture - "Do not even think of coming near me...."

Enjoy your visit with your mother. Rough times for all. It will be good to be with family.

Take care - you will be missed.

Shark said...

I sympathize with your lack of a desk. I too am currently lacking a workstation, and have to do all my writing sitting on my bed with my computer in my lap. I know that might actually sound kinda nice, working from bed, but it gets uncomfortable rather quickly...

stefanie said...

Sorry your mom is still having health problems. I hope you have a nice visit. Thinking of you and sending helathy vibes your mom's way!

Melanie said...

Best wishes to your mum. I hope you have a good visit, and a good stay in Sask.

Cleo said...

Sending many joyful, positive thoughts to you and your mom. Enjoy your visit, share lots of love and be happy-eats lots of burgers...Be safe and we'll be here when you return.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you look scary!!! You need serious help with that problem of yours. The burger thing, not the desk thing since that is obviously temporary.
I hope you have a good visit with your mother. Remeber to take the time to really talk, not chat, TALK.

Merisi said...

I have been reading this after you had left for a visit with your mom. Still, I send a wish over the oceans, may you visit be a good one for both of you!
Thanksgiving in October, such a sensible thing, you lucky Canadians! Americans apparently prefer to wait til the Christmas decorations are almost up und cross-country flights risk being prone to delays by bad weather.
I have to check if this year the fourth Thursday in November will at least not be three days before the first Sunday of Advent.

cipriano said...

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes for me, and for my mom. Tomorrow night I shall be home again.
I have umm... NOT lost any weight over these few days, that's for sure.
There is turkey EVERYWHERE!

Matt said...

Well seems like you make a very good eye contact with your burger. Is the burger from the first picture the same as that in the second? :)

cipriano said...

I am shamed to say it, Matt... but no.
NOT the same burger.
And not even the second burger.
I am too ashamed to speak of it!
Cows, when they see me... go to the other side of the street, I'm not kidding!

Maggie said...

I guess you won't be entering BA (Bugers Anonymous) anytime soon! ;D