Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Haddon Hits A Homer

Just a few words about the book I am currently reading.
Granted, I am not even half-through Mark Haddon’s newest novel, A Spot of Bother [lately, I only have about an hour a day to read…. so busy am I] but the thing is fantastic.
One wants not to set it down!
Short pithy chapters. Hilarious stuff. No… serious stuff.
No, the perfect mixture of funny and not-funny.
Just like real life!
Great book. People in a struggle to understand how much they want to invest in their maintenance of long-term relationships!
Mark Haddon hit his first one over the fence, and this one is sailing high.
I have a feeling the ball is going to land outside the park! It will probably smash my own damn windshield!
-- Cip


Beth said...

Loved his first one - will try this one.

Dorothy W. said...

I'm listening to this one on audio -- and I love it too! I'm near the end -- you'll enjoy the rest of it, I'm sure.