Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Like Airports

You know how I am always telling you stuff about myself that pretty much proves that I am basically weird?
Well, I am about to add yet another page to the story!

I know that does not make sense.
A normal person is supposed to abhor the hustle and confusion and racket and inconvenience of airports, but I actually LIKE all of that stuff.
My entire day yesterday was spent in either an airport or a plane. I made my way here to Saskatchewan, via a stopover in Toronto. And I really enjoyed the entire process.
Perhaps a part of it is due to the fact that it was the first time I flew in the Executive Class section. The first time I was on THIS side of the curtain!
When I stepped onboard, a gorgeous woman hung my coat up for me. No kidding. Then I sat down in my own private seat…. as in, no one next to me. And when we left the ground, the same woman asked me if I wanted some wine.
I replied, as Holden Caulfield might have done, by saying, “Who doesn’t?”
So she brought me some. And then some more. And then some food.
Other people, on the other side of the curtain, they didn’t get any of this sort of treatment. It was awesome.
But seriously, even before all this, I realized something.
I actually LIKE airports.
I like walking around in them. I like how big they are. Did you ever notice? They are like WAY oversized! The ceilings are always 40 feet away! I love that.
I like the souvenir shops. I like the bookstores.
I like the feeling you get when you pick a book off the shelf and it almost AUTOMATICALLY seems interesting. Just because you’re in an airport, like.
For instance, yesterday I picked this one off the shelf at a Watermark store. It was about the murder of film-maker Theo Van Gogh. I automatically wanted to read it.
But I already HAD a book to read! Buying the Van Gogh story would have been completely NUTTY! Then, when I walked away from the store, I realized that I was interested in the book because I have this feeling, come holday-season, that I all of a sudden possess this superhuman unlimited amount of time.
Hence, [since I am always flying somewhere for holidays], I tend to associate airports in general with this sense of freedom and relaxation.
I'm weird as hell.
I find that I actually LIKE when there are delays!
I don’t care that the moving sidewalk thing is out of order.
I like the fact that the shoe-shine guy asked me if I want my hiking boots polished!
I don’t mind at all when they have to de-ice the plane’s wings.
And I LOVE occasionally looking at my watch. Not because I am tense about the time!
Hell, no…. I look at my watch because I love thinking about the fact that I am supposed to be at work right now! But I’m NOT at work….. [too good to be true…] → I’M ON HOLIDAYS! AND I HAVE A BOOK TO READ!
What do I care if it takes me way longer to get where I am going, than originally planned?

When I arrived here and was greeted by members of my family, I found that only half of my luggage had arrived. So I went up to a little complaint kiosk to report the missing stuff. They had already known of it, showing me a slip of paper with my name already on it. The guy told me the missing piece would be delivered to me next morning.
And it was.
It was couriered here before I had even gotten out of bed today!
Which makes me want to ask the airline if they can misplace BOTH pieces next time… so I don’t even have to carry either portion of it from the airport!

All this to say that Day One of my holidays is turning out to be fabulous!
I am [leisurely] reading Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass, and finding it to be a very engrossing read, indeed.



Melanie said...

Airports?! Okay, you explained yourself - and all I can think of is how jealous I am that you are in Saskatchewan right now!

May said...

You are surely having a good time!
Merry Christmas!

Stefanie said...

Airports are interesting places. My husband works at one managing the five bookstores there. No kidding. He says it's a bit like working at Disneyland. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday celebration together!

cipriano said...

Melanie: You are jealous that I am in Saskatchewan? Now that's a first, for me. Happy Holidays to you.

Thank you May. Yes, I am having a great time.

Stefanie: Wow, I would love to have such a job as your husband has. That sounds fascinating to me, really.
Does he need a dedicated book-enthusiast employee? I'll MOVE there!

Maggie said...

You are so funny. Odd and funny! ;D

Stefanie said...

They are always short-handed and in need to dedicated bookish folks. And at the airport there is a Starbucks practically around every corner ;)