Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Somewhere Between 43 and 45.

Actual recent photo!
Today is [was] my birthday!
Yayyyyy! Happy Birthday To Me!
What did I do on my birthday?
Ummm….. WORKED!
I saw not one moment of this day outside the parameters of my torture chamber, until it was already quite dark outside.
Then I came here to Chapters, where I am right now, in the Starbucks area. Sipping on some terrific coffee and listening to some terrible Christmas music. I know this cannot be a popular thing I am about to say [because both of these boys’ album sales are through the roof] but seriously, is there any music worse than a) Michael Buble and b) Josh Groban?
What’s that you say?
Melissa Etheridge?
Yes, you’ve got a good point there, she is definitely c) on such a listing.
Thing is, everywhere [including here at Chapters] seems to be piping the new Josh Groban Christmas CD through the roofbeams and it is making me crazy!
You know who I wish would put out a Christmas CD?
→ Tool.
OK, that’s my rant.
It’s my birthday. I won’t tell you my age, but I will say that based on a 365-day year, I am living my 16,060th day, today!

I’m wondering. Do you have any real favorite type of Christmas music?
For me, there is no question, I love the old old songs, as sung by either Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra.
Mmmm, I have several CD compilations, I think I will lend one to the manager of Chapters!
What is your own personal favorite?
NOTE: If you say “Josh Groban” I am afraid I will have to promptly delete your smart-alecky comment!



Shark said...

Happy birthday. BTW, I think I'm some where around exactly half your age. Not to say you are really old now, I'm just really young. Yeah, thats the ticket...
For some reason I've always like Bing Crosbys duet with David Bowie.

cipriano said...

Thank you Shark, for the moral support... reminding me that you are half my age!
You've got your life before you, Shark.
So do I, I've got a lot of life yet... by the time I am done with this thing [LIFE©] I know I could be a household name [especially if I invent a better toilet plunger]... but you, my God, YOU.... you could become a household name on like, other planets!
Seize the day!
Carpe diem!

May said...

I do like "Lost" by Michael Buble'. It makes me imagine a romantic atmosphere: a fireplace and two people sitting in front of it.

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you old fart! BTW, your homie is older than that even!
I agree with Shark, Bing and David are the epitome of Xmas duets.
All the best of health and happiness for the upcoming 365 days and more.

Beth said...

(Belated) Happy Birthday to you!

And I recognized that "actual recent photo" of you right away...

patricia said...

Happy belated birthday, Cippy! Hope you had a wonderfully coffee-and-book-filled day. You are as old as me, so that means you are young and beautiful, dahling!

I will confess that I like Buble, but not the 'other guy'. And I LOVE all the old Christmas songs...hard to pick one, but I am rather fond of 'Santa Baby' sung by Eartha Kitt. Grrrrr.......

Carl V. said...

Happy belated birthday! Have to say that I do like ol' Josh Groban. His version of Oh Holy Night is my favorite. Sorry. However, my favorite of all Christmas music is a toss up between Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas and anything sung by Bing Crosby.

Stefanie said...

Happy birthday Cip! Sipping coffe while surrounded by books sounds like a nice way to spend a birthday evening if with the bad Christmas music. I like the old songs to. Bing is dreamy. And I have happy childhood memories of the Andy Williams Christmas album (yes, album, not tape or CD, real vinyl).

Historia said...

well, if you're exactly midway between 43 & 45, then you're 5 months older than me, because I get to that same halfway point in 5 months time. LOL

My Books site has at long last been updated.


Melanie said...

Happy belated birthday, Cipriano. Hope the coffee cancelled out the Groban agony. :) I agree that the endless Grobanizing is agony...

Let's see, I like church music only at Christmas; otherwise I enjoy Shawn Colvin's Xmas album, and Bing and Frank...

Dorothy W. said...

I think I'm a bit late on this, but happy birthday!!

Cleo said...

Belated, belated happy birthday to you Cip. I'm older than you but I'm lovin' every day-my body doesn't always agree, but my mind usually does! All the best this year and always.

Isabella said...

Happy birthday, Cip! Sorry I didn't come 'round sooner.

I'm in total agreement regarding your list. And bad Christmas music makes me feel aggressive -- sadly, I'm bombarded with the stuff daily as my office building straddles a mall and there's no escaping it.

My all-time favourite Christmas tune is Christmas Freilachs by the Angstones (Ottawa boys), which is a Klezmer-style medley (I can't find a clip online though). But mostly I'm with you on the oldies.

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday (a few days late). Oh, and if Tool came out with a christmas CD, do you think that your local bookstore would actually play it? :)

cipriano said...

Thank you, friends, for all the lovely comments and wishes!