Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

In John Irving’s novel, The World According to Garp, Garp visits Vienna and calls it a museum. He says, "A more real city might not have suited me as well. Vienna was in its death phase; it lay still and let me look at it, and think about it, and look again. In a living city, I could never have noticed so much. Living cities don't hold STILL."
If you want to see the best photography ever, of Vienna… of Vienna being “STILL”… visit Merisi’s excellent photoblog

Have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I understand that Vienna is the place to go when one wants to celebrate one's birthday...Just sayin' is all.

Do you know anything about that, Mr. Cipriano? Or about birthdays in general, for example?

Cold Molasses said...

Happy B-Day Cip!

cipriano said...

I know nothing of birthdays in Vienna, anonymous... but between you and Cold Molasses.... THANKS FOR REMINDING ME THAT I AM MORE THAN HALF-DONE WITH MY LIFE!
-- Cip

Merisi said...

Now, yesterday's birthday boy, let me first extend my heartfelt congratulations for managing to slip in a birthday on a workday, i.e. actually working (memo: You should plan a little bit ahead, next time!). I would be very much interested in finding what anonymous knows about celebrating birthdays in Vienna. I celebrated at Zum Schwarzen Kameel ("Kameel" it at my blog search), really lovely. Maybe there are even better ways? Come to think of it, there are indeed a half dozen Starbucks here in Vienna, for after dinner drinks, perchance? What do you think? (Pleeease, don't ask me to get coffee in there, there are laws of physics which weigh heavy on my side of the argument).

Oh well, I'll get over the fact that you didn't invite your Viennese fan club to your birthday party, sweetened by your generous link to my feeble little attempt at documenting my Viennese days by shooting from my hip, er, Sony (and no, I will not change my blog's name to "Look Where I Get to Have Coffee!").

May you have a wonderful year ahead of you and truly kind friends along your path.