Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wishing You All The Best

Just had to break free of the festivities here and wish you all a
wonderful Christmas holiday season!

So far I have gained three pounds.
And none of this from Drive-Thru hamburger joints.
No, this is real food. Real fun.
OK, gotta go. There's a turkey to eat.


Maggie said...

Me, too! I'm hoping the extra weight will recede exponentially after the holidays! Bah! ;D

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading in the New Year! -Mag

Dorothy W. said...

I hope you had a great Christmas! I think I may have put on three pounds too -- mainly from sugar, I'm afraid ...

Merisi said...

You have neglected to keep us updated about your poundage! :-)))
Just kidding. Don't want to know and won't tell you how the count's over here. :-)
I hope you are having a fine time "between the years".