Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

I love this, found in the Introduction to the book I am currently reading → McTeague, by Frank Norris.
The author said this to reviewer Isaac F. Marcosson on March 14, 1899: “What pleased me most in your review of McTeague was the ‘distaining all pretensions to style.’ It is precisely what I try most to avoid. I detest ‘fine writing,’ ‘rhetoric,’ ‘elegant English,’ – tommyrot. Who cares for fine style! Tell your yarn and let your style go to the devil. We don’t want literature, we want life.”

Have a great Wednesday!

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Merisi said...

Little tisdasteful brat of a critic!

My answer: Still trying to figure this one out. *phew* "L" perchance referring to "The Lord"???