Friday, February 29, 2008

Splash du Jour: Friday

Well, I finally finished the Frank Lloyd Wright biography. WOW!
What a wild book! What a wild life!
Today I am going to begin reading Sara Gruen’s [2006] novel, Water For Elephants.

INTERVIEWER: So how do you make that move in your writing process from a body of research to a story?

SARA GRUEN: I stare at the screen (laugh). I pick some music...I guess I figure out what the crisis of the book is going to be and then I sit down and I get my first scene. But once I have my first scene I really just have to keep going. My method is I spend an hour and a half sort of revving up every morning and I’ll read what I wrote the day before and maybe do a little revising of it, and then just keep going. I just read that last tiny little bit until I feel like I can continue.

Have a great Friday!


piksea said...

I am completely and totally, my family thinks I'm a nutjob, anti-circus. I loved this book! I gave it to my equally anti-circus cousin, and she loved it too. I keep passing it on to people, or at least recommending it. I think it may have been my favorite book last year. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, piksea. The circus is exploitation in the name of entertainment. Hardly a mindful exisitence. Here's a thought:

"You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements, its state of development by the condition of the toilets at the airport, and the advancement of its people by the way they treat their animals." – Lee Ouzman. do you think we're doing?

cipriano said...

I am so far really enjoying the book, piksea and anonymous.
Yeah, the whole mistreatment of animals thing, it totally bothers me. Those who read this blog know that I have spoken of it many many times before. I am so against all forms of animal cruelty.
I already feel so bad about Silver Star's infected hoof [in the book].
And the rancid slop-pail of meat that Jacob just fed to the cats.... those most noble of beasts.
It's just wrong!
But what a terrific book, developing here!

Anonymous said...

I am a daily, light hearted reader of my Scorpio horoscope.
It makes me giggle and I don't think any more of it than that.
Isn't there room here for all of us?

cipriano said...

Dear Anonymous:
Please re-read the very beginning of my posting, where I say:

Now... in a humorous fashion I find it entirely acceptable. Fun, even.
But I am talking about the die-hard astrologist now.
The believer. The hard-core star-reader.
One who is actually interested in the phases, who knows the predicament the moon of my planet is in!

I think reading astrology is just sort of like reading a fortune cookie, that's all I was trying to get across in my blog. I even think there is "room" for the people that plan their entire lives around astrology, but these latter type of people just boggle my mind. Is there room enough for me to be boggled over that, in your world?

Anonymous said...

Point taken.
Room for growth.