Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Questions

I am sitting at Starbucks and just randomly thinking, as I sometimes do.
I am still slogging through a couple of non-fiction books, and just took a break from that to read a bit of the Nick Adams stories by Ernest Hemingway.
Just chillin’ out after a long day at work.
In this lull of a moment, while getting another coffee, three horrendously deep philosophically challenging scenarios have sprung unbidden into my mind, and I pose them to you…

You are wandering around in a blind fog and you are starving to death. Literally, you could almost die. Then the fog lifts, to reveal the following three equi-distant buildings. To which of these would you mostly likely drag yourself?

a) McDonalds.
b) Pizza Hut.
c) Kentucky Fried Chicken.
d) None. I would keep starving.

You have been awarded your choice of the following all-expenses paid vacations/excursions. Which do you choose?

a) $4,000 shopping-spree in San Francisco.
b) A week-long archaeological tour of the Great Pyramids in Egypt.
c) A journey into outer space [and return] on the Space Shuttle.
d) I don’t like adventure. I will stay at the local Starbucks.

While waiting in the airport for your plane to begin boarding, an announcement comes over the PA system. There is going to be a 2… no, 3-hour delay. Given that you have no schedule to meet regarding your destination, which of these things are you most likely to do?

a) Kill yourself or someone else. In other words, be extremely angry.
b) Immediately look for somewhere to shop, within the terminal.
c) Seek out the nearest bar, and get sloshed.
d) Relax, and sink further into the book you were already reading anyway.

Think about these things, and respond in the comments, if you like.
To view my own profound-as-hell responses to these issues, click HERE


Cold Molasses said...


cipriano said...

Hmmmm.... Cold Molasses.
I think you DID do that final (C) response and got drunk, because then you responded (D) to a fourth, UNASKED question!
Serve me up a frosty beer!
Let's get snookered!

Isabella said...

1. b, except I get an intense craving for c about once every 2 years, so it depends on the timing of the incident
2. c
3. c/d combination

Beth said...

Interesting philosophical scenarios. I felt compelled to answer.

#1 - Pizza Hut (I'd get my daily veggie intake)

#2 - San Francisco (a $4,000 book splurge)

#3 - read (with some shopping thrown in)

joemmama said...

C-The mashed and gravy are my total comfort food
D-I am like cheese, I don't travel well
D-What announcement???? Sorry I was reading.

Jeane said...

How interesting.
1- c:Ugh, what choices! I suppose KFC- I do like their biscuits.

2- a:Shopping in San Fran- and of course, spend most of it on books!

3- d:Duh, the book of course! I'd only panic if I had toddler at hand to entertain in the meantime.

patricia said...

Trust you to come up with questions like these!


1. I would really honestly prefer to starve to death given these choices, but I guess that's not such a good plan, so I'd pick B, and try and get a healthy pizza. I will NEVER eat at McDonald's ever again. EVER. Long story. And KFC is disgusting. IT AIN'T CHICKEN!!

2. B. I think a week-long archaeological tour of the Great Pyramids in Egypt would be an amazing experience. Shopping? Feh.

3. D of course! (Though maybe I'd bring my book into the nearest bar...heh heh...)

stefanie said...

#1, B because I am more likely to be able to get something vegan to eat there.

#2 As much as I'd love to say B or C I am claustrophobic and would very like freak out while inside a pyramid or sardined in the shuttle. A sounds so materialistic but I will choose it because I can shop for books and to assuage my guilt make some donations while I am at it.

#3 definitely D

Anonymous said...

B, B and D.

cipriano said...

Just as I thought.
Everyone picks "D" on the last question, and this is as it should be.
All the rest is periphery.
But reading.
Reading is the core.
Reading is the nugget.
Reading is the reason we can see.