Saturday, May 24, 2008

Upon Graduating: A Saturday Poem

Upon Graduating

I hope for you a considered life
In increasing measure.
I hope for you joy in vocation. Calling.
I hope for you, perhaps above all things,
I hope for you, prosperity.
The kind that does not trust in money.
I hope for you peace.
The kind that does not depend upon anything
Outside your body. What they call “inner”.
I wish you affluence, based on influence.
I hope for you a life of self-actualization.
I hope that you learn truth as a process.
Your knowledge tentative, capable of displacement.
May regret be the last “r” word in your vocabulary.
I wish you to never harm anyone else.
I wish you recovery, from harm that comes to you.
Joy from a kiss.
Joy from pushing a child on a swing, or throwing
Water balloons.
I wish you a rumpled collar, from time to time.
Bleary, teary eyes, and work.
I hope you no laziness.
I wish you bills that are paid in full.
And a funeral well-attended.
A kitten in hand, kissed.
And a life well-done.
A considered one.
Life considered, I hope for you.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008


Cleo said...

Beautiful work yet again Cip. I'm claiming this poem for myself and my daughter. I graduated with my degree in Philosophy the Saturday before last and my daughter graduated from high school last Saturday.

cipriano said...

Thank you, Cleo.
I am glad you liked it. May its words come to pass, for you and your daughter.

Anonymous said...

My son graduates from H.S. next June so I'll want to keep this handy to give to him. I'd never be able to say it better than you just did, Thanks!

cipriano said...

Terrific, anonymous.
I would be honored to be the unbeknownst writer to your son. I give you leave to claim the words.