Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Am I Dreaming?

Well folks, as you all know, I practiclly live at Starbucks. This is no news.
And the other day I told you all about the new Breakfast Sandwiches.
This evening, I was ordering my coffee and I guess I was sort of gazing at those sandwiches again, and so the barista girl asked if I wanted one.
“Yeah, I think so,” I said.
“Which one?” she asked, and so I pointed to the very most sandwich-y one of them all! [I think I also drooled a bit…]
Then she said, “On the house!”

I’m not kidding.
So this is my second FREE Starbucks sandwich!
While the thing was roasting in the Starbucks Hell-Oven©, her and I struck up a little conversation and I found out about yet another new Starbucks innovation!
Listen up!
From now on, whenever you order a coffee and pay for it on the Starbucks Card [as I always do]…. are you ready for this? → → FREE REFILLS!
Umm…. Say again?

For me, a person whose average Starbucks visit lasts a good four or five hours [minimum]… this was the equivalent of telling me that Nicole Kidman just called and said she’s finished with Keith Urban and wants me to move in IMMEDIATELY!
I was stunned. And quite frankly, a bit scared, even.
No… not just “free refills” but free STARBUCKS refills.
I’m not sure if you are entirely grasping the concept here, but basically the suggestion is that I can sit there and just KEEP DRINKING COFFEE AND NOT PAY FOR IT!


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stefanie said...

What an appropriate little cartoon to include because I was imagining you looking just like that :)