Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

What the world needs in order to survive and thrive is the radical simplicity that lies at the core of Christianity and so many other faiths and systems of thought – an abiding trust in the way of love as expressed in just and compassionate living. Out of the multitude of understandings of religion, spirituality, and faith; out of the varying views of the origins, nature, and purpose of life; out of the countless individual experiences of what might be called divine; out of it all may be distilled a core that, very simply put, is love. This core message carries its own authority. It needs no doctrine to validate it, no external expert or supernatural authority to tell us it is right. Love is quite demanding enough as a foundation, sufficiently complex and challenging without the requirement of additional beliefs, unbelievable to many. The
church the future needs is one of people gathering to share and recommit themselves to loving relationships with themselves, their families, the wider community, and the planet.
-- Gretta Vosper, in With or Without God

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Jen said...


Cold Molasses said...

Cip = you are sounding much more spiritually oriented than I've seen you in quite some time...interesting transformation (or re-transformation...or is it re-re-transformation). Might be time to dust off godpuddle instead of "cluttering" up bookpuddle with such deep, spiritual thoughts???

cipriano said...

Ahh... good point, Cold Mol.
Perhaps you are right.
-- Cip