Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Wing: The Corrs

Forgive me friends, lately I have been posting a lot of video-clips and things of that nature.
But I just can’t help it… after this one I will try and refrain from the multi-media for a while.
I’ll try focus on books.

But see, the thing is…. there is just too much to love about life.
I am inundated with so many things that move me.
It is not only books.
It is also music. And stuff like that. And Obama.
And YouTube. And whatever.

So… one thing I love, and I mean LOVE – is The Corrs.
If you don’t quite believe me, you need to click on the links [don’t do it now, though] at the END of this blog-posting.
But first, before that – I have been listening and re-listening to this one song tonight, it’s their “unplugged” rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s song Little Wing.
You’ve gotta hear the thing, really. It’s beautiful.
Now, here is where I tell you of my favorite part [besides all the parts where Andrea Corr is front and center, of course]……. This guy who does the little guitar solo. His name is Anthony Drennan.
It happens at 3:08 in the song.
My God.
I am not going to exaggerate at all… I will just say, that I have heard him play that part about a hundred times now, and it still brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful. So tasty.

And now, for the post-script, that you may know this is not some sort of superficial fling I’m involved with, I have declared my love previously HERE, and have gotten even more specific about it HERE!
Visit The Corrs, and just buy their music. Trust me.
-- Cip


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Alyce said...

That was beautiful! I wasn't sure if I had heard any of their music before, but the name sounded familiar. I went to youtube and listened to "Breathless" and realized that I had heard them before, and I remember really liking that song when it came out. It was fun to listen to again.