Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vertical Symmetry Revisited

I have written about this before. But please bear with me as I once again blather on about how I really love the entire concept of Vertical Symmetry© that can be seen while walking around in any well-built city.
What I mean by “vertical symmetry” is, simply put, the phenomenon of how the vertical edges of buildings perfectly line up as one’s field of vision brings them together.
I’m not saying it right.

OK… you are walking down the street and there are tall buildings in what is essentially a foreground and a background. As the outer edges of these massive buildings merge in your field of vision, note how perfectly they seam together.
I’m weird. I am addicted to doing this thing. As I walk around I can’t help but note all the vertical symmetry all over the place.
Yesterday I was in Montreal, walking down St. Catherine Street and noted the following example.

The church in the foreground is well over a hundred years old. The skyscraper behind it is many city blocks distant, yet note how symmetrical they are, the one with the other. I find this remarkable. This is not really a classic example of the vertical symmetry I am talking about as it is moreso an example of perfect vertical overlapping, but still, you get the gist.
Try it, city-dwellers. Urbanites, far and wide.
Don’t just walk down the street, staring at the sidewalk.
Look up, and over.

Marvel at the examples of vertical symmetry on virtually every street corner!
I’m sure I would fall down dizzy if I could walk around in New York or Chicago for a day, getting my fix!

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Shark said...

Interesting. I also get a hard on for architecture. I would like more than anything to visit Dubai where some of the worlds most interesting (modern) architecture is located. The Burj Dubai opens this fall. It's nearly twice the size of the CN Tower and has 50 more floors than the former world trade centre in NY. That is unfathomable to me. It's not just the tallest thing ever built by man, it's taller by far than the next closest thing!
As for symmetry, you should visit Paris. Alignment laws require that all facades line up and that buildings must be a certain height according to the width of the street on which they lie.

Shark said...

Speaking of Dubai, check out this link... http://www.dubai-architecture.info/DUB-GAL1.htm
There are a lot of conceptual drawings and I would never believe that this was anything more than science fiction, if it weren't for the fact that most of these buildings are already underconstruction.

Cipriano said...

[Oooops. my caps were on there.....]

Isabella K said...

Wow -- I didn't know that about Paris either. I do know that Ottawa buildings are restricted in height relative to the Peace Tower. And that church -- I've taken quite a few picture of it myself, from various angles; it has a very weird way of fitting into the downtown core perfectly.

But yes: Look up!