Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

-- The Story of my Life --
[I am on the receiving end of that mop!]

Have a great Tuesday!


kingmonkey said...

Not acounting for taxes, that's 125,000 hours. With a standard work week of 40 hour, that's 3,125 weeks. At 52 weeks per year, we have a mere 60.096 years to collect our million dollars.

And what does a million dollar work out to? Averaging 16,640.04 per year before taxes, I think we're looking at about 15% taxes in Ontario. Let's extrapolate that: the math says we're looking at about 850,000 taken home, notwithstanding any extras or income tax adjustments.

Cipriano said...

My God, reading this makes me so glad I have these 2 weeks off right now.Every year, besides sick time and stuff like that, I am allowed 168 hours off, with pay.
I don't think this is enough!
I wish I was a school teacher, and got those two summer months off, instead of my one month, interspersed throughout the year.