Monday, May 25, 2009


I can’t deny it.
I like a good sandwich.
And today, wow -- spent the first day of my vacation in Montreal, Quebec.
What a terrific city!
What terrific SANDWICHES!
There’s a restaurant on St. Catherine Street called Reubens!

They know how to make a sandwich!
Here is some BEFORE & AFTER footage of what happened to my friend and I.

The superfluous slices of rye bread beside the mountainous piles of meat?
They are like the hubcabs that flew off the vehicle after it hit
whatever animal this used to be!



Merisi said...

That sure is the highest pile of meat I have ever seen on a Ruben!
I consider myself an expert on Ruben sandwiches, my youngest was nurtured along with a daily dose of them while I was pregnant: Rye bread must be grilled after mayo or such got smeared on it, the Russian dressing must be only of the best variety, a little tangy, the corned beef thinly sliced, the sauerkraut cooked to a soft sweet, almost caramelized mass.
Now, of course, I can only dream about it. They rye tastes different here, and I have yet to find corned beef.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, I see some bloggers are reading "Last Night in Montreal" by Emily St. John Mandel, to be published by Unbridled Books on June 2. Were you trying to act out the title?

Yesterday we looked in going to Montreal and Quebec for a visit. We lost enthusiasm upon finding it would take us about a month just to get between all the airports up to Montreal. But if we had ONE sandwich like you did, it could feed us for the whole time!

Cipriano said...

Ahh, but it is not a Ruben, per se.
It is a smoked meat sandwich.
Only the RESTAURANT is called Reubens!
They do serve a "ruben" sandich but I was not in the mood for the sauerkraut portion of the thing.

I recommend Montreal to you if you like to SHOP on vacation. The "Underground City" [look it up on the internet, wow!]... Montreal boasts the largest connected mass of unending underground shopping in the WORLD!
Plus... really big sandwiches!

Bee said...

That is an unbelievably large pile of meat. You're right; the bread is indeed superfluous.

Coffee; cat; books -- I AM, too.