Monday, July 20, 2009


I am very sorry, my dear friends.
This hurts me worse than it hurts you.
But this blogpage is not working. I'm getting all kinds of html messages, saying I am doing forbidden things, when all I am doing is doing as I have always done.
Simply trying to post my blogs!
So -- please be patient as I try to either a) figure this thing out, OR b) get a different site or something!
All the best to you.
-- Cip --


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's the **blog** that is saying you are doing forbidden things, or are you just imagining it is the blog and not everyone in your **personal** life?!! Well whoever it is, I hope you're back soon (although you *do* seem to be back, so it's all very mysterious to me).

Cipriano said...

Rhapsody.... see, herein is the confusion. I VERY rarely, [actually never] WRITE my blogs ON my blog. I write them elsewhere and then cut and paste them into my blogger, when I get home, or whatever.
This is the thing the blogpage will no longer let me do. I cannot cut and paste anything into the blog.
I never have time to really write my blogs right into the actual blog-window thing.
So, to REWRITE them all?
No... I cannot. No time.
I'm hoping I can find out why this glitch happened...

Stefanie said...

I copy and paste my blog posts too but I'm on Wrodpress so can't really offer advice. Only maybe if you are using Word to write you posts, try using your Mac's notepad program instead. Word does weird things and when you copy text it sometimes takes the Word formatting with it and screws everything up.

Melwyk said...

If you are getting html error messages but you can paste the post into the blog, just not publish it, try clicking over to the html view rather than compose view; you might be able find the open tags or whatever it is that blogger is telling you is the forbidden problem. I second Stefanie; if you use Notepad you won't have all the weird Word formatting to deal with.

Arukiyomi said...

good to see that the blog's still plodding onward. I migrated from blogger to wordpress about three years ago. Never looked back. Ever.

Cipriano said...

Well, I seem to have solved the problem.... at least temporarily. It's been a week of trying to figure this glitch out!
Turns out that [and I'm not sure why all of a sudden this became an issue, with Blogger...] I have to do my initial offline document in a Plain Text format... I found a program in the MAC Applications window called Stickies.
And so I am using that, and minutes ago CUT and PASTED my first blog since the fiasco. Seems to have worked!
I think Stickies is the equivalent of Notepad or whatever.... in case any of you out there are having similar problems posting!
-- Cip