Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Epitome of Distraction

Have any of you ever been so preoccupied with certain thoughts, that the present action is forgotten?
You have a general feeling of displacement?
Happened to me today, first thing in the morning.
I walked up the four flights of stairs, to the fourth floor of my warehouse. Pressed the elevator button [I never RIDE in the elevator itself, in case something goes wrong, I will be stuck in there…] so the elevator rises….. my mind focuses on its current preoccupation…. the elevator arrives, [I have opted to RUN up the four floors, and meet my cargo there]……. then, I’m standing there, [paralyzed] I keep pressing the number “4”.
No movement.
[The reason there is no movement is because it is already there, right in front of me, as the glass doors should readily reveal….] but they don’t.
Because my mind is elsewhere.
Frustrated, I begin walking down the staircases, ready to radio my supervisor and tell him the elevator is not functioning. Preparing to send a repairman.
All the way, I am contemplating how this whole problem is going to compound the already difficult aspects of my work-day!
When I get to the first floor, I see that the elevator is NOT there.
It’s on the fourth.
So I climb back up.
And there it is.
I was looking right at it, earlier, and did not see it.
That’s called the epitome of distraction.
Yesterday, a friend commented that they would like to see a "comical" posting.
But I have not been in a comical mood, lately. My apologies to one and all.


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Anonymous said...

So what kind of a mood have you been in then? Or should I not ask?