Thursday, July 02, 2009

Splash du Jour: Thursday

On the exterior many lives are impetuously lived, in constant motion, constant flux, demanding change... while on the inside, important wheels have long since stopped turning. Crucial questions languish, not so much from being already answered as from never having been asked. Another type of person floats along fairly steady, and constant diversion is not really an issue... but on the inside, they are a whirligig. Always asking and re-asking, backpedalling, and here in the unseen realm the action is taking place, like a duck's feet underwater.
-- Cipriano, Jan.26, 2002 –

Have a great Thursday!


Anonymous said...

My 90 year old grandmother once mentionned something like this to me; saying that when she was young and active (yet very silly according to her) she was more valued than she is now that her body will not allow her the constant movement of which she was once capable. Then she told me that her mind never stopped now but that people never really bothered to find out what was going on inside that quiet demeanor of hers. She used this to point out how overvalued youth is and how very much under appreciated people of a certain age become as they slow down.
You made me think of her...I should go visit her this month.

Cipriano said...

Visit her "C".
Do it.