Saturday, August 01, 2009

Love: A Saturday Poem


Displacing loneliness is not a patented process.
Loneliness-B-Gone, aisle 5 at Wal Mart.
But if it was, that part of the store, inches lower
than "Cosmetics" to the right, would be eroded.
The tread of buyers -- the lineups at the till.

The inventor, somewhere in Tahiti, exploring
possibilities over the cell phone, says Talk to J.F.
about setting up that dedicated check-out line.
Throws a Blackberry into the water, as Gullermo
comes around with another three mojitos.

None of this happens, while it does. Reality
outstripping fiction, just like in a good novel.
There is nothing as remarkable, yea, as marketable
as the constancy -- the presence, the attention,
the is-she-there? Is-she-there? of your --

c. Ciprianowords Inc. 2009

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