Saturday, September 05, 2009

22nd Anniversary: A Saturday Poem

22nd Anniversary

You claimed they ate carrots
and I said no the word impossible
in my mind big as a saddle.

City met country as I followed
you from the garden your hands
orange and green to the wet corral.

Some you gave to me and the fence
creaked as the warm lips threatened
to pull me to the muddy earth.

I was twelve and you ten that summer.
Darling you are the best thing about me
for as many years combined now.

c. Ciprianowords Inc. 2009


Jeane said...

Lovely poem. Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is lovely. Happy anniversary, cipriano, to you and the lucky lady, whether real or virtual.

Cipriano said...

Thank you for your wishes.
I should clarify though that this is one of those poems I write from time to time that is entirely and 100% fictional, and has absolutely no basis in reality or experience.

Jeane said...

Well, then, shall I take back the anniversary wishes? Even better, that you had me had!