Friday, September 04, 2009

Cute, but STUPID!

Well friends, this is the last evening of my official "holidays".
Tomorrow I fly back to meowy meowy Jack!
I miss him, truth be known.
And speaking of varmints, remember this girl, to the left here?
My sister's dog?
Well, this morning as I sat out on the deck reading a book, my sister came out there and she looked sort of..... sheepish.
Scared, maybe even.
She said, "Umm. I think we are going camera shopping today, is that OK?"
"What?" I said.
"Camera shopping. For you."
"But my camera's fine," I said.
"Umm. Not really. Your camera WAS fine. Yesterday."

Zoe ate it.
Or rather, tried to eat it. Stopped half way, God knows why.
My sister found the camera out in the back yard, along with the remote control to their television.
Everything was half-digested.
I found it funny.
And I've spent half the day dissuading her from buying me a new camera.
Hey, it's as much my fault as anyone's. They warned me about this RABID MONGREL when I showed up here last Saturday!



Beth said...

Had your camera been contaminated (!!) with the lingering odour of hamburger?
Can’t think why a dog would want to eat it otherwise...

Alyce said...

Too funny! She doesn't look vicious enough to eat half a camera. :)