Sunday, November 08, 2009

This Is It / Creation of an MJ Fan

Truthfully, I have never really been a fan of Michael Jackson.
Until last night.
I went to see this movie.
Now I want ALL of his music on my iTunes!
If "This Is It" is playing anywhere near you, go see it.
Seriously. It is incredible.
You will see a side of Michael Jackson you did not know existed.
And if, unlike me, you already knew it existed -- well
you probably saw This Is It on opening night.

Last night convinced me, he truly was The King of Pop.
Not was.


Anonymous said...

He is really the King of Pop, but most of all he was and HE IS an humanitarian hero! I can't believe such a wonderful human being is not in this world anymore! We'll never forget him!
Maria Grazia

Stefanie said...

He really was a genius and amaster of his craft.

Anonymous said...

I went to see it last night with my 16 yr old son. We both were so impressed with how the man can float around looking like the whole dance thing is effortless. His decision making on different aspects of the show were nothing short of genius.
It's a sad thing that nobody will ever see it, the finished product, the concert of the decade.

cipriano said...

Truly, I have not stopped thinking about certain aspects of the movie since seeing it Saturday night.
I agree with you "C" -- his decisions regarding this and that about the show, just incredible precision.
And yes, if this concert had made it to tour-time, I think the world would have never seen anything like it before.