Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting Old

Lately I have not been blogging much.
I've been reading, writing The Odd Poem here and there -- but I guess that overall this Christmas season I've been feeling really relaxed -- quiet -- pensive.
[Well, when I was not partying.]
But right now, for instance, I could not be more at peace. Listening to some soothing "Zen" music. Many candles aglow. My favorite beverage being sipped.
Even Jack seems content.
All is well with the world. Or more correctly, all is well with MY world.
And today I noticed something -- for the first time ever.
My eyesight is not what it used to be.

I was sitting at Starbucks reading this terrific novel called A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.
Had a great bench seat, facing Rideau Street.
The way I was situated.... well, it was ideal for reading, the book laying flat on its own.
I could sit there, elbows on knees, in exquisite toilet posture.
As I leaned forward and back, however, I noticed [for the first time ever] that anything closer than six inches or so from the page -- everything becomes blurry. Out of focus.
I can read it, but only with serious effort. Move back a bit.... oh.... there we go!
HOWEVER... I have always had perfect eyesight. Have never had to wear glasses.
Have never noticed even one out-of-focus moment.
Until today.

Hmmmm...... will I soon be wearing goggles to read?
Will I be one of those people that hold a book out at arm's length to focus on text?
For a moment, I panicked.
Seriously..... I did all manner of experiments..... there I was, bobbing back and forth like one of those novelty bird-gadgets, you know the ones that fall forward, sip some water and then straighten out again?
I panicked, but then I smiled. This is just part of life.... hell, I'm almost half a century old.
If I was a tractor I'd be in the scrap heap by now.
But as it is, I'm doing not too bad.
Not too bad at all.

Maybe all of my "mellowness" this Christmas season -- maybe the fact that there are BIRDS CHIRPING in the music I choose to listen to right now -- maybe it's just that I am rightfully getting............. old!



Beth said...

No raging "...against the dying of the light..." for you. Mellow is good.

("exquisite toilet posture" - such a guy thing...)

Stefanie said...

I've worn glasses for reading for years but my eyesight has been perfect, the glasses only magnifiers because I read so much I get headaches. This last year my reading glasses finally moved from magnifiers to prescription and while I can still read without glasses just fine I noticed, as you did, that the book has to be a little farther away than it used to be. Sigh.

Sam Sattler said...

The beginning of the end, my friend. Take it from one who precedes you...

cipriano said...

Is that Dylan Thomas?
I wish you all good things.

Thank you for this encouragement.
With the years, comes the ricketyness. I am noticing it in my life in many ways!

It is sobering for me to sometimes contemplate that unless I am Methuselah and don't know it, I am very much already on the downside of the mountain.

Melanie said...

I've had glasses for so much of my life I sadly will not have that indicator to tip me off to my advancing age. I can take comfort in the many other things that are providing that indication!

And I do hope you are enjoying the book - I loved it, and even my sister who is not a reader enjoyed it, so much that she even finished it ;)

cipriano said...

Ahh..... I just finished reading the Tractor book tonight and I loved it.
I would WRITE all about it if I was not so lazy and decrepit and OLD!