Monday, December 28, 2009

Changing of the Scent

Well, I did a radical thing today.
I bought a different cologne.
For about the past 57 years I have worn Adventurer which is a fragrance sold at Eddie Bauer stores. I even once wrote a bit of a thing about... cologne-theory.
In my neighborhood Mall [The Rideau Centre] the store next to Eddie Bauer is Banana Republic.
I just happened to walk in there and sprayed a few of their many men's fragrances around on those little cardboard things.
This one scent really intrigued me. Awakened my inner... something.
So I bought a bottle of it.
I am almost out of this last bottle of Adventurer [the bigger green bottle in photo] so -- we'll see how this goes.
This new scent is called Republic of Men.
I know... sort of a goofy name, if you ask me. But wow -- it smells real nice.
I have always gotten a lot of terrific comments when I am soused down in Adventurer, so I will try this new product [which is exactly twice as expensive] and see how it goes.
Contrary to a rumor that was going around, Eddie Bauer has NOT discontinued Adventurer, but they have renamed it Adventurer II. And the new bottle is not nearly as sexy as this Banana Republic product.
I have had women actually ram their head into my neck to get a better whiff of my Adventurer fumes.
So -- if I do not notice equal or BETTER fanaticism with Republic of Men, I will definitely be going back to Eddie Bauer.
After all, it's not about me. It's about RESULTS!



Beth said...

We call that stuff "stink-ums" around here. Hope your new stink-ums brings RESULTS!

Stefanie said...

Sounds like you got good results with the previous scent. But I hope the new one finds you with so many women attached to your neck that you swim around town like a shark with remora in tow :)