Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Main Event!

Admittedly, I have not been much into the Olympics this year.
Have barely watched any of it on TV.
Well, except for the hockey games!
Come on! You've GOTTA watch the hockey games!
And tonight is the main event. The Big Kahuna!
Canada beats the U.S.A.
I mean..... The Canucks square off against The Yanks.
The guys and I will be on the edge of our seats!
Any predictions out there as to what the final score will be?
My own guess is it will be 4 - 3.
[Do I even need to say which team has the 4 goals?]


cipriano said...

I guess I was propehtically dyslexic there!
Sometimes it all comes down to goaltending folks!
Ryan Miller saves the day for Team U.S.A.

Stefanie said...

Well, you know, the odds were in Canada's favor. I imagine the next winter Olympics will mean payback :)

May said...

So sorry! I thought of you when I read the news.