Friday, March 05, 2010

Depressing, Yet Beautiful

Just thought I would share with you one of the most absolutely depressing songs in the history of the universe.
I have always loved the music of Alison Krauss, and I have several of her CD's.
This evening as I sat reading a book in Starbucks, I was surprised to heart this song entitled Ghost In This House, playing softly, overhead. I was familiar with the song, but surprised to hear it played because this is not exactly top-40 stuff!
But it is just so beautifully done by Alison and her band, Union Station.
So when I got home I tried to find a LIVE version of it. And I did. [Isn't YouTube amazing?]
I believe there is no voice as clear and true as that of Alison Krauss. There. I said it.
OK, maybe Eva Cassidy. And then Alison.
If I believed in angels, I would say Alison had the voice of one.
She may not be your "style" necessarily, and like I mentioned, the lyrics are depressing as all hell, but for clarity and just gorgeous harmony -- well, GIVE IT A LISTEN.
Tell me what you think.



Beth said...

Gave it a listen and it is beautiful – although I can’t relate to the lyrics. Truly.
I am not a ghost in this house. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and yes, dare I say it, haunting.