Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's All About The Wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper on an actual wall.... thing, in a house, like I do not have a clue.
Don't know how to do it.
Don't know how it works.
But when it comes to my computer, I am a connoisseur.
For years I have agonized over finding the best desktop wallpapers known to mankind.
And I want to share with you [FREE OF CHARGE] my Top Three Favorites.
With my absolutely gorgeous new MacBook Pro I have all of my icons placed vertically on the right hand side of my screen, and as such -- these three desktop wallpapers I am going to share with you this Historically Significant Evening work wonderfully with such a configuration.
And [between sips of Sapporo beer] may I also ask a pertinent question?
If you do not yet have a Mac computer, there is really only one word that applies to your current state of affairs...
OK… moving on now.
I am going to provide a link to the Three Bestest Desktop Wallpapers known to mankind.
The first one is my all-time favorite.
But the others are "pretty" good, too.
Click on the --> IMAGE you like and then save them in BIG size.
P.S. For some terrific [award-winning] poems about wallpaper, click --> HERE and then --> HERE.
Happy wallpapering to you!


Beth said...

Well, for sure I’m going to go with the Nicole Kidman wallpaper – a constant reminder that I too can have a face with NO lines – with Botox!

# 1 is very intriguing.

Stefanie said...

I'm a bit obsessive about my Mac's wallpaper too. I tend to like abstract ones best like fractals though right now I've got a Klimt-like butterfly extravaganza going on though Nicol Kidman certainly is tempting ;)

Merisi said...

Who'd have thunk! :-)))