Sunday, December 26, 2010

Say it Ain't So

About a year ago… actually a little more than a year ago I began to realize that my eyesight ain't what it used to be. I even wrote about it.
Things were getting blurry, and have been increasingly being a bit of an issue for me. I'm forever blinking, as though to get something out of my eyes and/or re-focus.
Is this a normal sign of old age?
If so -- what's next?
Digestive biscuits? False teeth?
A walker? All manner of discounts?
Viagra©? Forgetting where my glasses are?
Two days ago I finally picked up my prescription reading glasses, shown in the above photo, atop my current read. And they work. As I read there is a much better clarity and focus… not to mention lack of blinking.
So -- this is workable.
But I find myself not comfortable with getting old in other ways.
What's next?
Loss of remaining hair?
Denial of driving privileges?
Palliative care?
Inability to skip lunch and drink eight beers in a row on a Boxing Day afternoon?



Sam Sattler said...

Welcome to my world, Cip. :-)

stefanie said...

Nice specs! I've been wearing reading glasses since I graduated from college. It isn't age so much as all that reading. You don't want to make your eyes work so hard so when all the rest of you falls apart at least your peepers will still work ;)

Cipriano said...

Thank you for these encouraging words, friends.
I guess it is to be expected that with age comes these.... these compensations!

Melwyk said...

Hmmm, I've been wearing glasses since grade 3. What does that say about my aging process? Yikes.

May said...

Have you seen an eye doctor? Although you can buy glasses directly from a store, it is important that a doctor checks your eyes. I should get an appointment myself (no reading problems yet).

As regards getting old, well, there is no way to avoid it.