Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Went To A Movie...

I did something rather unusual for me today.
<-- Went to a movie.
I really do not go to movies all that much -- but I saw some things about
The King's Speech on TV -- and it looked so interesting I decided I'd go to a Sunday matinee.
This movie was FABULOUSLY good. Colin Firth is simply amazing, as is Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. And so I post this just minutes away from the Award for Best Picture category at the Oscars. I hope The King's Speech wins.
[Colin Firth just won Best Actor -- he is saying his acceptance speech right now...]
And if you have not seen this movie yet, you r-r-r-r-really sh-sh-should -- go to…. [pause] s-s-s-s-ee. It.


Anonymous said...

I'd gone to see it with my sisters and then your homey decided it was time to go himself and he loved it as much as we did. Colin Firth truly deserved that Oscar!

Cipriano said...

Oh yeah! Wasn't it a beaut?
I mean -- the acting is just so phenomenally good... I'm so glad it won. Reminiscent, at least for me, of The FACSellent Adventure!

Anonymous said...

To this day I don't know why no Oscars were bestowed on that wonderful short film.