Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Phantom Cat: REDUX

A snapshot in that moment would have revealed what seemed to be a stunned ostrich. A beakful of worms. [Do they even eat worms?]
But looking closer -- hey, that's no ostrich. That's me. With spaghetti hanging out of my mouth. [The "stunned" part is totally accurate though.] Just minutes ago, I was innocently sitting yonder, shovelling a plateful of pasta into my yapper, with the novel
Fauna propped up in front of me.
The book is mostly about animals -- I'm really enjoying it -- as can be evidenced in the fact that I continue reading even when it's feeding time! Anyhoo -- this one character, his name is Guy, and he imagines he is visited by his dead cat, named Brother… [this is the part where I nearly spewed noodles through my shnozz]:
Ghost-Brother, by contrast, comes in silence, swimming through the darkened room to find Guy lying on his side. The living Brother would wait for a groggy Guy to pat the mattress -- that springy-soft, welcoming sound -- but the phantom cat needs no such invitation. He knows that the space between Guy's body and the edge of the bed belongs to him. [p.156]

The reason why this so freaks me out today is that I have experienced it before, myself! Some of you may recall me talking about it several years ago.
My experiences with The Phantom Cat. And today, the author, Alissa York is even using the very term -- "phantom cat."
So -- maybe I am not insane?
Or -- maybe I am?
At any rate, while I clean the half-eaten al dente off my walls you can read my original discussion of this feline phenomenon, by clicking
--> HERE.


Anonymous said...

We had some phantom dog things happen here after Bogey passed away so I'm not going to comment on this. I'm just going to nod and look pensive.

Erin in Boston said...

I experienced something like your ghost cat when my cat was living. I just chalked it up to wishful thinking. Then after my cat died, there were times I could have sworn she was in the room with me.

Stefanie said...

Obviously phantom cats are everywhere. A world-wide phenomenon!

Cipriano said...

See? It's not just me, then!
It's a true fact -- animals live on after death!
For me... the mystery is, who is my Phantom Cat, since my own cat is still alive!
[Great! Now I'm spooked and I have to go to bed!]

Melwyk said...

I experienced the Phantom Cat effect after a friend's cat died and we were staying at her place. I swear it walked on our feet and settled in when we went to bed.

Cipriano said...

Wow Melanie, isn't that just crazy though? Like -- now I know there must be something to this phenomenon -- it seems so unexplainable.
To someone who has not experienced the phantom cat thing we must all sound like we are nuts in the head! Yet it's so real!