Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apocalypse [Not] Now!

Well, what better day than today to write of apocalyptic literature?
<-- I mean seriously, wasn't The Rapture© supposed to happen?
I must admit, at a certain point today I did feel a certain tug upwards, but then realized it was just flatulence.
Of all the doctrines that religious fanatics come up with, these End-of-the-World schemes seem to me to be the most doomed to fail -- you would think that they'd give up -- but no.
Mark my words, even this recent tardiness of Jesus will be again explained away, and summarily re-scheduled!
By coincidence [or prophetic predetermination, I am not sure] I'm in the midst of a sort of dystopian tome -- Don DeLillo's 1985 novel, White Noise.
In this book it's not the entire world that is threatened with extinction, but rather a localized catastrophe that affects a midwestern American academic town. A chemical spill forces the evacuation of residents as the noxious toxic cloud chases everyone from their homes. The first-person narrative focuses on Jack Gladney [a Hitler professor at the town's university] and his blended family.
I'm only halfway through the book [have not been reading much lately] but I already conclude that it is a wonderful story. In fact, I can't wait to quit typing this so I can get back to the adventures of the Gladneys.
I have always enjoyed these sort of books --> [CLICK / CLICK / CLICK] that deal with catastrophe or end-of-the-world scenarios. And reading this one already reminds me of why I consider Don DeLillo to be one of the best authors living and writing today!

As for the real life events [not] unfolding today?
Well, to give oneself over to such fancy is to truly involve yourself with something stranger than any fiction. It's hard to feel sorry for those disillusioned believers left behind today. Which, at last count includes……….. ALL OF THEM!



Stefanie said...

Cip, you crack me up! White Noise is on my to-read list so I am glad to hear it s good!

BBB said...

New Doomsday Date - October 21, 2011. Mark your calendars.

Cipriano said...

Stefanie -- I'm so glad I could crack you up.
White Noise is a fine novel.

BBB -- See? I told you they would just re-schedule things!