Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bloggage of the Arteries

Just as a side-note to my former blog -- [two in one night Cipriano? That's downright promiscuous!] -- that last one was #2,600 in the Bookpuddle© pantheon of [non] award-winning bloggage.
So that makes this one #2,601.
Wow. If I just keep gratuitously blogging about nothing, I can break 3,000 postings by August! It's all about number of episodes! Know what I mean? Like... Seinfeld!
So, this current blog is about what I am going to do tomorrow morning.
I'm going to get up early, make myself an artery-clogging breakfast -- and take the back roads out out to Kingston, Ontario [home of The Tragically Hip] and meet my best friend there and pick up a new TV that is even now sitting all quiet and turned off in a COSTCO store.
It will have the honor of being the first TV I have ever actually bought from an actual store in my actual [earthly] life. All others have been given to me, one way or the other!
I know only one thing about this new piece of furniture --> compared to all the others, it's going to be Texas-size!



Anonymous said...

How big is yours?

Cipriano said...

Sort of a personal question -- but... 32".
Brandname is Sam's Hung.

Anonymous said...

Your homey's is 52".
Brand name is LG as in Le Grand ...

Nice hearing from you. He'll be in touch.

Cipriano said...

Hi to my homie!

"William! Come here, lad!"
"William! Come here, lad!"