Monday, June 20, 2011

On The Balcony

This summer I've re-acquainted myself with my balcony.
Some people do their best thinking on the toilet, or while driving. Perhaps while the dog takes them for a walk. Or during a debate. Or in the hot-tub.
But I find that my best thinking takes place when I'm alone, on my balcony.
In the past, I have spent very little time out there, in fact, it became a sanctuary for pigeons. Some of you may recall my many Earlier Postings on this subject.
Seriously, I would walk home from downtown, look up and see that every other balcony was barren, but mine seemed to be hosting a Pigeon Amway Convention!
This year -- very few pigeons, because I am always out there.
It's so peaceful, and at night the lights of the entire city are very inspiring to me.
Many poems have been written out there. Many important decisions made.

Do any of you have a similar place where you go to think?
A retreat where you collect your thoughts, and find that your thoughts collect you?



Stefanie said...

I don't have a thoughtful spot, just a quiet and comfortable place will do. You have a nice, large balconey. Is there some comfortable furniture hiding out on your balconey? If not, you definitely need a thinking chair.

BBB said...

I have to agree - your balcony is outstanding. If I were you I'd install a bar - a singles bar.

patricia said...

Love that balcony. And yes, you seriously need a comfy thinking chair. Beer fridge is optional.

Me, I'm a hot bathtub kind of thinker...

Melwyk said...

I find that I work really well in two places: in winter, tucked up in bed. I read & write & think. In summer, my enclosed front porch is magical: somehow I get tons done when I'm out there. I've written four journaling workbooks and all of them while sitting out on the porch.

Alyce said...

In the summer when the kids are home the only private time I really get is in the car by myself. I try to find many errands to run by myself just for the peace and quite. :)