Sunday, January 15, 2012

5 Things That Shall Outlive Me

Recently I've taken notice of certain possessions of mine.
More specifically, the unaccountable longevity of their existence.
Admittedly, I'm a person that loathes change, in general. And I figure if something ain't broken -- why fix it. Why replace it?
But certain things of mine...
OK, let's start with my alarm clock.
I have had the same alarm clock -- how do I even describe the thing… I'm almost sure that Noah received his summons to build the Ark just after being awoken by the very same Candle© alarm clock.
I've been rudely awakened from slumber by this damn thing my entire adult life. I've had it for over 30 years. Even the very store where I bought this clock does not exist any more. [Consumers Distributing. You ordered stuff from a catalog and then went and picked it up! How ancient is that?]
Secondly, my tooth brush holder. I've had the same one for about 30 years. Thankfully, I change what it holds a bit more frequently.
My wallet? Pushing 30. It is like legendary. [I've written about it before]. Certain parts of it are held together with tape. Still, I do not buy a new one.
Fourthly, my favorite comb. I stole it from my girlfriend when I was just out of high school. I still use this same comb. [and have much less hair to sweep through it, nowadays].
Fifthly, my coffee scoop.
My first coffee maker was a Melitta. Circa 1986. It came with a plastic scoop thing [see image, above]. Since then I have had many many coffee makers…. but I have never abandoned this one scoop thing. I've kept it around.
Who does these sort of things?
What is wrong with me?
Should I see a therapist?
For a horrid example of what I hear every weekday morning, long before I myself want to hear anything, click
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Melwyk said...

The unaccountable longevity of inanimate objects! Oh, I remember Consumers Distributing well...and I can not believe you still use that horrible clock with the worst sound in the world waking you up! It brings back horrid memories of summer camp and a constant stream of alarms going off for half an hour straight, one room after another....I do believe it is the worst sound imaginable. Perhaps you should consider a NEW clock?? Perhaps even THIS civilized alarm clock?

rhapsodyinbooks said...

So jealous you still have a Melitta coffee scoop! And a working alarm clock after 30 years! I think ours die about every 6 months! I think you're right, you should see a therapist, and meanwhile send ME your old items, as part of your therapy...

Alyce said...

I think it's completely normal. I was very sad when my alarm clock died a few years ago and I had to get a new one. It was the first alarm clock I owned and I had had it since junior high. It had red numbers that didn't glow, and the replacement alarm clock my husband got for me when he was running errands one day has glowing green numbers that I have only just gotten used to after three years. (I turned the brightness down on them so much that everyone complained that they couldn't see the numbers during the daytime, so I just had to suck it up and get used to the glow during the night.)

patricia said...

I love this post, Cippy. Although I am not one to hang on to appliances and the like for as long as you, I have tried to hang on to a variety of precious books that are rather aged. Let's see...I still own a funky winter hat that has Big Bird's head on the top, given to me by a sweet boyfriend when I was 16. That was 32 yrs ago. But I never wear it. husband Guy still has the same alarm got as a gift from his sister, and I know that it's over 30 yrs old, and is still going on strong! If it ain't broke, baby, don't get a new one!

And Consumers Distributing! Oy, that's going back a LONG time...

Stefanie said...

Heh, my alarm clock is at least 20 years old. We have a nifty jar opener for those lids that just won't budge that belonged to my husband's grandmother and she died about 22 years ago and I have no idea how long she owned the thing. But it hasn't failed us yet!

kingmonkey said...

I used to work at Consumers Distributing. Man, that was hard work. You'd think a place that is essentially a warehouse with a front lobby would invest in more warehouse accoutrements, such as a forklift. Seriously, lawnmowers and air conditioners on the top shelves? To be taken down by hand? By teenagers?

Did you ever wonder why they were already damaged in the box?

But it was in this place where I learned that I can do a spot-on Van Damme in Bloodsport impersonation. To boot, I can do his slow motion reaction to the dust in the eyes. I can sustain my Van Damme face for almost a full minute in recreation of that scene.

Cipriano said...

Melwyk, I agree that my alarm is rather.... alarming. And out-dated. But I do need some fairly serious amount of noise to wake me up -- I need a racket!

Rhapsody, it is pretty amazing, I agree -- a very durable device, this thing is, especially since I hit the "snooze" feature about three or four times before ever actually climbing out of hibernation.

Alyce, see I would find these green numbers you speak of, confusing. In my groggy state I would interpret them as "Go" -- as in, "Go back to sleep."
Whereas red for me has the needed urgency of "Stop" as in, "Stop sleeping!"

Patricia, long time no hear from. Hope you are fine.
I'm with Guy, if the thing still works, that's all that really matters. A trusty alarm-clock is one of the most under-appreciated gadgets in our home[s].

Stefanie, ahhh, another veteran device-user. You have all of mine beat with that Smithsonian-worthy jar-opener, though!

Kingmonkey, WOW! You make me realize that the place I work at isn't so bad after all! What a coincidence that you yourself used to work at Consumers. Wild.
The place I got my alarm clock was on Albert Street in Regina, Saskatchewan.