Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where I Live...

Hey, is there still time to get in on the Saturday Snapshot?
I'm afraid my entry this week is not only late, but also -- not all that super-exciting or anything. It's a moonlit picture of where I live. Not really, but almost.
In all seriousness, I spend so much time at this particular bookstore, [mostly in the Starbucks inside it] that well, yes, I might as well live here. I've considered getting my mail forwarded. When it comes down to it, my cat is the dominant tenant in my apartment, time-wise at least! [I wish he would help with the bills!]
For those who may not know, Chapters / Indigo is Canada's biggest bookstore chain. It's the true north Walmart of book-buying.
This particular store opened in 1996, and I've been here pretty much every day since. It's my hangout after work. Over the years I've gotten to know so many "regulars" -- people that also frequent the place.
But I remain, by far, the regularest of them all.
They come and go -- but I have outlived even all of the staff! Many times over!
I'd love to know how many thousands of gallons of coffee I've consumed here.
How frequently do I visit? Well….. I'm writing this blog from the place.
And you can't be more here than that!

Many thanks to Alyce from At Home With Books for hosting this Saturday Snapshot meme.



Trish said...

Oh man . . . I love that place. I wish they would concentrate more on books, though. They've got too many homey knick-knacks for my liking. The attached Starbucks is inspired! Getting your mail forwarded? Yeah, I should too. lol

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What a perfect name for a bookstore:)

Marie said...

I love my local Chapters, too. I don't spend too much time there, though. My wallet could bare the strain. ;)

Leslie said...

Chapters... I like that!

Nise' said...

A perfect place to spend time, it has books and coffee!

Cipriano said...

Trish -- so you are a Chapters fan as well. Excellent. Let us keep frequenting these places so they do not shut down.
I rue the advent of e-books, I'm afraid.
Not only will I be left without actual hardcopy books, but I will also be homeless!

Diane -- I recall the first day that I EVER saw a Chapters sign. It had not even been installed yet. I was sitting in a coffee shop called The Steaming Bean, and a semi-trailer went by on Besserer Street, and it had the first big Chapters sign on it. I was fascinated, because the bi-line was "Great Books Are Just The Beginning."
I chased that semi-trailer like a frigging St. Bernard, tongue flapping in the wind...

Marie -- I know what you mean... one time, as I went to renew my iRewards card [now defunct] the cashier informed me that I had spent over $500 there in the previous 12 months.

Leslie -- it's the perfect name. Nothing since the invention of the actual "Big Mac" has ever been so appropriately named.
And did you know that Starbucks was named after a character in Moby Dick?

Nise -- In certain dictionaries [I have one of them right here] if you look up the word "perfect" there is a brief explanation, followed by a picture of a Chapters sign next to a Starbucks one.
Vive le red and green!

Alyce said...

It sounds like a great place to hang out. I wish we had something like that here. Ever since Borders closed I'd have to drive an hour and a half if I wanted to find a bookstore that has a cafe in it. At least there are some independent bookstores within a 45 minute drive.

I almost featured a moon shot this week too.

Cipriano said...

Alyce -- this blog-meme of yours is fantastic. It accounts for 99% of my traffic.
I hope you keep it going, and I wish you well with the internet woes you mentioned on your page.
All the best to you.
[Good luck with the cream-colored pieces of your puzzle....]

Louise said...

What a wonderful local hangout. One of our (independent) bookshops just added a coffee shop, but since I don't drink coffee it hasn't been a great drawcard for me. I do understand the attraction though, and admire your devotion.

Anonymous said...

I've bought a few books from Chapters online. Good to know that they have a very nice bookstore(s) to visit. I can certainly understand the attraction! LOL

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd... Your a regular who's more regular than most and yet every time your homie and I have been there we only ran into you the once.

kingmonkey said...

I don't know if you're aware of this, Cippy cup, but Chapters employees get (or used to get, when I worked there) 30% off on all books... including bargain books!

Cipriano said...

Louise -- ahhh, a bookstore and coffee, the perfect combination. I long for the day when they start selling hamburgers also, and then we shall have the Perfect Trio of Merchandise all under one roof!

Kay -- that's the amazing thing. Buying the books from the same store online is much cheaper always than being in the actual store.

"C" -- that is an odd phenomenon indeed! It was so cool to see you there that one time. Say Hi to Lawrence for me! [Or as the French would say, "Laurence".]

Kingmonkey -- Holy cow! You've worked at Consumers Distributing and Chapters and in Hollywood as a stunt double for Claude Van Damme? You have an impressive curriculum vitae!