Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Out of the Cage!

You know in cartoons when someone is running [I think of Fred Flintstone actually…] and they come to a stop and they are skidding, and it sounds like a car with its brakes on, full tilt?
That was me tonight after work as I was walking through a Chapters bookstore and on a table I saw that Donna Tartt's new book The Goldlfinch was sitting there.
Good thing I was wearing my anti-lock workbooks!
I picked it up [of course]. Like... off the table, I mean. This thing is like War and Peace big! It must weigh a good six pounds! I have been waiting for this book most seriousfully! And now it's here, and not only here, but coming right out of the gates at 40% off! I very nearly bought it -- I can't believe I resisted. 

But it's good I did, because since then I have heard hints that this may be a soon-upcoming birthday gift for me.
So… be still my wallet!
Donna Tartt is such a fabulous writer -- I am pretty much salivating at the thought of reading this new book. She is not a prolific writer, but I think that speaks to her very exquisiteness.
She's easy on the eyes, too. Easy on the eyes. 

One day -- all women will have hair like that. It's called… evolution!
Her book The Secret History remains one of my favourite novels of all time, and one thing you can be sure of when you are reading Donna Tartt -- you are not just reading a novel, you are reading literature.
And now -- I need to get my workbooks serviced. 

I noticed afterwards, just sort of walking around and browsing -- I was pulling a bit to the left…

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