Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

Today's "splasher" is a bit of a more lengthy one. Not to mention, more personal in nature.
It's about my cat, Kennedy.
I have created a cat treats addict. 

I miss the early days when he just sat around and quietly read books with me. Little cat-glasses on his head. Licking his paw, turning a page. Asking for a coffee refill -- stuff like that.
Like an imbecile, I started buying these "Temptations" [and other] cat treats for him, something I NEVER did with my former roommate, Jack.
Kennedy needs his fix a couple times a day, now. If I do not put out a few of these treats for him, he will nag me with incessant meowing and annoying leg-rubbings -- he will even jump right on top of my head as I sit at the computer. It can be scary as hell.
So, word to the "wiser" out there -- if you have a cat I suggest that you keep him or her on just normal cat food. These "treat" things are a killer.
I don't see heroin listed on the ingredients, but it has to be in there somewhere.
Kennedy has turned into some kind of Kurt Cobain wannabe! I'm just glad there's no loaded guns laying around -- in case I don't make it back from work on time some night!
Here is a vid-clip of him scarfing these things down -- notice the dilated pupils?
And he's just snorting around for more, when he's done.
I'm a bad dad!

Have a great Wednesday!


Stefanie said...

Wow, he really snorffles those down! Waldo and Dickens get chicken flavored Greenies treats. They only get one each and they don't get one every day. They do, however, know what the bag sounds like when it leaves the cabinet shelf and they instantly appear out of thin air the moment a finger is laid upon it.

Cipriano said...

He is insatiable, Stefanie.
He really does "snorfle" it down as fast as I can throw it out there.
Your limits you mention here, with Waldo and Dickens, would be positively ANOREXIC, to my Kennedy He is like a monstrous boy with a hollow leg!