Friday, September 15, 2006

Splash du Jour: Friday

And why is McDonald's still counting? This is really insecure, isn't it?
40 gillion, 80 million, zillion, billion, killion, tillion...
What is this?
Does it mean anything to anyone?
“O.K. I'll have one."
I would love to meet the chairman of the board of McDonald's...
Just to say to him: "Look, we all get it. You’ve sold a lotta hamburgers, whatever the hell the number is. Just put up a sign: 'McDonald's, we're doing very well!’
I don't need to hear about every goddamn one of them."
What is their ultimate goal? To have cows just surrendering voluntarily?
Showing up at the door: "We'd like to turn ourselves in."
"We see the sign... we realize we have very little chance out there."
"We'd like to be a 'Happy Meal' if that's at all possible."
-- Jerry Seinfeld –

Have a great Friday!



RantandRoar said...

Largest purchaser of bovine eyes in the world? . . .

you guessed right, the big M.

So the next time you feel the urge to have "100% all beef" burger that billions of others around the world do, just remember it might be looking back at you.

(true story)

cipriano said...

There goes my Big Mac-A-Day Diet, out the window!

patricia said...

It should really read something like:

"Billions of Arteries Blocked"

I despise McDonalds.