Sunday, April 22, 2007

Minor Non-Relevance

I know I promised that my next posting would be something relevant about…. BOOKS!
But please.
Forgive me for what I am about to do.
→ Talk about just whatever! ←

Thing is…. I am TOTALLY lazy!
I had the most laziest day ever. It was grand.
I was ensconsed with much coffee at a wonderful Starbucks and I read books, revised some of my own poetry-work, which, by the way, you can READ OVER HERE if you are ever so bored!
I had a great day, really I did.

I was at the Chapters, the very one that you see here in the photo, above.
At one point, I think it was in the nineteenth hour, one of the Chapters-wenches came over to my table in the Starbucks area and said, “You’re still here?”
I replied, “Oh yeah! I’m hardcore!”

I finished the Shakespeare, and opened up C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces.
This will be my third reading of this amazing novel, subtitled “A Myth Retold.”
The “myth” being retold is that of Cupid and Psyche.
Here is an early line in the book → I was Orual the eldest daughter of Trom, King of Glome.

I love that! I do.
Do you know that I have FIVE different copies of this book, on my shelf, on my desgnated C.S. Lewis Shelf©?
I am sort of a collector. One of my treasures is a pristine 1956 Geoffrey Bles hardcover edition that I found at an Antiquarian Book Fair.

All these books shown above? That is ALL C.S. Lewis stuff.

Remember Zeus?
The orange cat at Ace High Acres that is determined to eat the young ducklings of The Duckmistress© ?
I cannot resist showing a few shots of today’s attempts:



[The above footage was sent to me, by a very distraught Duckling that recorded it on her cell-phone, and escaped via a back door in between the repeated attacks.....!]

I promise you.
Tomorrow I will be relevant.
I promise you.
I will be relevant as soon as my brother straightens out.
[He's a hunchback….]


Arukiyomi said...

Til we have faces is a beautiful book... I agree. Unfortunately I'm mobile and have nowhere to lay my books. But a dedicated Lewis bookshelf sounds like something to put down on the retirement plan.

Beth said...

Hey, your post was relevant as to books - you spoke of C.S. Lewis. Can't get much more relevant than that!