Thursday, May 10, 2007

Adventures in Duckfarming: Part 3

Well, my suspicion is that they will soon fly the coop, but here [above] is the most recent footage of the ducks in action!
In this scene, they are umm.... Waiting In Line To Drink Mud© !
Who can really figure them out?
You may recall that I have been providing a sort of synoptic update on what is happening in the life of The Duckmistress©.
She is also my elite Reading Partner© .
We met when I was but a mud-eating duckling, myself. Now, I am STILL a mud-eating duckling, but I eat the mud with her! Which is always better than eating it alone!
That's why these ducks here are waiting in line to do it!
For all of our "alleged" superiority, they know a few things earlier on than we do!

For former duck scenery, click HERE!


stefanie said...

Oh they've gotten so big! They are very pretty. Does the Duckmistress feel sad when they fly away? And do any of them ever come back?

cipriano said...

According to Her, they are a royal terror, these ducks. Today she had to search for them. Ended up they were behind the barn. She confiscated their rolling papers and shooed them back into their pen!

Beth said...

Mud and Swanson's dinners? Your taste in food does not match your taste in literature.

The ducks are cute - from here.

may said...

A metaphor?