Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bookpuddle Meltdown

Some of you faithful types may have noticed that lately...
I have been abducted by aliens.
And it's true.
There I was, stumbling around in a crop circle, and I was sucked up into their vortex.
The first thing that really astounded me, about the interior of the spacecraft.... was that, [I swear to God] there was a Starbucks© .
So, first thing I did was I ordered a Grande Americano.... [then, realizing I was in outer space and all] I said, "What the hell? Make that a Venti!"
So, sitting there with my pail of avant-garde coffee, the aliens came over, hooked something up to my... nether-regions, and said.... "You should maybe tell your blog-friends you won't be around for a bit. And also, tell them you will have a bit of a higher-pitched voice, when you do return!"
So, what else can I tell you?
It was scary as hell.
I already sound a bit like Aaron Neville! Kind of... twittery!
Sort of.... unsure of gender-ish.
[My biceps are still intact, at least!]
And.... my GOD the coffee was out of this world!
See you, soon!
Cip, the Alien


Anonymous said...

The weirdest thing about your abduction is that it's no great surprise.
Hope you come back in one piece....if not, at least make sure to have all the important parts with you.

Beth said...

Of course there was a Starbucks on that spacecraft - this is your imagination.

Are you actually having a meltdown or going on holiday? I hope the latter. (Even if it's in an alien spacecraft.)

stefanie said...

Wow, Starbucks has gone intergalactic!

cipriano said...

Beth, no. No holiday.
Just that I have been thinking about some very imortant things lately, and I wanted to devote my full attention to these things, throughout this week.
Well... and plus I was abducted by aliens!

Thank you Stefanie and anonymous-C, for visiting even when I am melted down.

patricia said...

Take care of yourself, Cippy, and enjoy the coffee. And make sure those aliens don't get too liberal with the anal probes, ok?

Matt said...

Should I report the incident to NASA or just remain clam and discreet about this? :)

My thoughts will be will you Cip.

Matt said...

oops "clam" = calm. Yike.

cipriano said...

Yeah Patricia. Good point about the anal stuff.
Truth is, initially, they did try a bit of a jab there.
That's when I turned to the one guy holding the Probe-Dealie© , and I said, "Hey bud! No need! I gave at the orifice!"
He left me alone after that!

Matt, just remain clam and discreet.
Everything will be alright. The main thing is that I am going to totally try and remain utterly clam about it. :)