Saturday, September 01, 2007

The View From Where I'm At...

Earlier today, in the late afternoon, my friend and I were sitting around talking.
Discussing a book that we are mutually reading.
Suddenly he says, "Hey, do you realize how many hot-air balloons are floating around outside?"
I was on the other couch and could not see them from where I was.
So we went out onto the balcony where sure enough, dozens of hot-air balloons were floating around. Some in really neat shapes, like the Space Shuttle, and an upside-down Humpty Dumpty, a big birthday cake, and this cute gi-normous pooch... below.
Isn't that Clifford, the Big Red Dog© ?

Hope that you are all doing well.
I'll be back around soon!
Cheers, and Happy Ballooning!



Marg said...

That's amazing! I love it when I am driving to work and unexpectedly see a hot air balloon.

Beth said...

Surely seeing all those balloons floating in the air means something as you take your break/thinking time away.
But what?
Hope all is going well.

cipriano said...

They give some sort of impression of FREEDOM, balloons do!
However, I still do not want to ever go up in one. I get queasy.
If I was in that Clifford balloon, I would have lost my Alpo© all over the city below....

stefanie said...

That is so cool. What a fun thing to look out your window and see!