Saturday, November 03, 2007

As Though I Need More Books?

Last night I met with my three friends, fellow heretics all, [The Ents] down at the Chapters store and we attended the Irshad Manji interview.
She is fantastic. Lucid. Witty. Clear-headed. Eloquent. Cute as hell. BRILLIANT.
Irshad Manji is, and was, all of the above.

Afterwards, The Ents© and I went for coffee to a place called Timothy’s and we discussed our usual plethora of topics. At one point in the evening, one of The Ents told us of something that happened to him on the way to the Manji event. It is an incredibly unusual and funny story involving…. hamburgers, and the McDonald’s Drive-Thru. [← These being some of my own favorite topics, as you well know!]
He said he may write of it and then submit it to me as a sort of GUEST piece, to be featured here on Bookpuddle. I encouraged him to do so, but so far… I do not see it in my email inbox! [← This is a hint, for him.]

Prior to all of these shenanigans I went to the Rockcliffe Bookfair, where I snagged a nice little armload of books for very little money.
21 books, for $20.00.
This year I was selective. Remember, just last Sunday I DONATED six huge boxes of books to this very same sale. In fact, as I thumbed through the shelves yesterday, in my buying frenzy, it was sort of spooky to see so many of my own books there!
So I was selective, and left with The Following Armload:

A History of God , by Karen Armstrong [I already have it but this old ancient softcover one looked more readable].
Water Into Wine, by Tom Harpur, real nice hardcover. This is a newer book by him.
Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett.
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath [real nice ancient-y Faber edition, at least 300 years old].
Sins of Scripture, by John Shelby Spong [again, I already have this but you can always use a spare Spong!]
Much Ado About Nothing and The Merchant of Venice, both in my favorite format of reading Shakespeare, the Signet paperback editions.
Two by William Golding → The Inheritors, and The Spire.
A Son Of The Circus, by John Irving [2 copies, one for me, and one for my Reading Partner].
A Widow For One Year by John Irving [2 copies, as above].
And then, four books by Margaret Laurence, all in duplicate for the exclusive Surfacing Book Club© to enjoy. [We loved reading her book The Stone Angel.] Yesterday, I nabbed 2 copies each of: The Diviners, A Jest of God, The Fire-Dwellers, and A Bird In The House.
It was quite a good haul.
It was quite a good day. And evening.


Dorothy W. said...

That IS a good haul. I really loved the Armstrong book.

Melanie said...

Lucky you, love the Laurence!

cipriano said...

Melanie, I love Laurence, too.
Dorothy, yeah. It's a great haul. I don't know how I will ever read it all, even. BUT I WILL!
Oh yes, I will.

stefanie said...

This is a great haul! I love reading the Signet Shakespeares too! They are my favorite editions.