Saturday, September 05, 2015

Galileo Lavitski -- A Great Mind

"If reasoning were like hauling, I should agree that several reasoners would be worth more than one, just as several horses can haul more sacks of grain than one can. But reasoning is like racing and not like hauling, and a single Arabian steed can outrun a hundred plowhorses."
-- Galileo --
In my reading tonight, I ran across the above quote from Galileo.
I think his last name was Lavitski. Not too sure about that part. You know you're famous when you only have to go by your first name. Like Madonna. Or Beyonce. But you know who I mean, right? 

The 17th Century scientist who was a scientist before the word scientist was invented?
Immediately, what he said resonated with me, because I think there is a deep truth to it. Humanity [human beings] are very intelligent -- of that there is no doubt. But when it comes to scientific breakthroughs, or any other manner of intellectual innovations that lead to progress and/or advancement in technology or understanding, it's interesting to note that this never comes from the masses. It comes from the rogue mind -- the individuals that are bent towards thinking beyond the accepted norms and willing to question the validity of prevailing ideas.
Humanity in general is quite smart, but true genius will always be an anomaly.
Let's face it, most of us are plowhorses, when it comes down to it. Nothing wrong with that, after all. Somehow the field has to get plowed. Might as well be me under the yoke. Some of us still even go to church. In fact, the masses do!
But then there are the Galileos. They are still among us. Revealing what always was. Praise be! 


Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Night Before...

First of all, my apologies to everyone who may be even slightly concerned, but I have not written a blog-posting in about three years. I blame Laziness. With a capital "L".
Laziness as an entity.
I've read such great books in the past while, some of the best ever. So, I am still reading like crazy, but just not writing. I have a second factor to blame.
Work. As in, too much of it. With a capital "W". As an entity.
Just wait until the day I am retired or win the Lottery [whichever comes first] and no normal human will be able to even read all the blogs I will write!
But tonight I just wanted to drop by and say hello while I sit out here on my balcony with my best friend in the universe beside me -- we are watching the craziest lightning storm I have ever seen -- no rain -- just the electrical portions of some kind of freak-storm. 
And it's apropos.
Because TOMORROW night, I will finally see [and hear] AC/DC in concert.
So this is the night before the brain damage. No wonder the skies are on fire.
I've wanted to see AC/DC since pretty much being alive, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. Finally getting to sing along with Shoot To Thrill, and whatever else they play. Whatever it is, I will know the words. 
So funny, when I was just a kid and my rock band [Hellion] shook the plates off the cupboards upstairs while we would practice our songs, my mom, after she re-arranged things, [and now in the opposite place] would ask me... "But why do you boys sing that you actually want to be on the Highway to Hell?"
I still do not have a very coherent answer.