Friday, February 05, 2016

The Next Best Thing

Tonight when I got off work I heard on the radio that Yann Martel was in town, speaking about his new book at our Writer's Festival. My first thought was "Whaaaaaaaaat?
I love Yann Martel's books, and met him once back in 2003 when Life of Pi was all the rage. He signed my book back then, and even chatted with me.
And so tonight I was so upset, because if I had known about it I would have made plans to be there. As it is, they announced the thing was sold out. 

But still, I would have gotten tickets in advance had I known of it.
So, somewhat chagrined, I went to a Starbucks and drank about three gallons of coffee. 

Then I thought, "Well, at least I am going to go now and buy his new book. Like right now."
The Chapters store was just closing when I got there. I grabbed a copy of Yann's new book and went to the cashier. She took it from me and said, "Wait. Do you want a different book than this one?"
I thought she was maybe insane. A "different" book? Why would I have handed her this one?
And she literally walked away and came back with another copy she had retrieved from somewhere over yonder, behind the counter. She said, "Yann Martel walked through here today and signed a bunch of his books, would you like this one instead?"
I was like… "Do tigers live on boats? OF COURSE I want that one! Yes. Yes. Yes!"
So the night sort of redeemed itself after all. 

I'm still sad that I missed Mr. Martel in person, but ended up with the next best thing.