Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Quite The Coincidence

For more than sixteen years now I have been a member of a very exclusive, elite book club. It consists of myself and just one other person. 
That's about as exclusive as you can get!
I represent the amateur side of the equation in this book club, whereas, my partner is a former high school English teacher now in retirement, and more knowledgeable about literature and all things bookish than I will ever be. Which is to say, I think that I glean a lot more from our discussions than she does!
The most recent novel we have read together is The Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough and we really enjoyed this epic book, melodrama and all! Since we started reading together I have kept a listing of all of our selections and the total amount of mutually-read books is... 692.
It was only after finishing the book just yesterday and adding it to our bibliography that I noticed that my ancient hand-me-down Avon Books paperback version contains 692 pages. 

Quite the coincidence! 
I pick up the book now and rifle through those pages and the magnitude of what we have accomplished strikes me.... that is a LOT of pages. A LOT of books! Rifling through The Thorn Birds now really puts it in perspective -- holy macaroni. We have read a ton of books together, for sure.
My intention is to continue reading with this person until I am also in retirement -- from life on this planet. And hopefully by then I will have achieved somewhere around 1/3rd the level of her genius and passion for great literature.